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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on providing the client with functional therapeutic results. The goal of this type of therapy is to create structural or therapeutic change in the body by utilizing massage methods to restore normal functional use to various regions of the body. 

Deep tissue, Swedish massage, Thai, Sports, Myofascial cupping, Trigger Point Therapy,  and Assisted Stretching therapy are examples of such approaches.


Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic massage, also known as manual lymphatic drainage, is a gentle, non-invasive massage technique that is ideal for reducing swelling and bruising after cosmetic surgery procedures, or to improve overall wellness. It can be booked as a standalone 30-45 min. procedure, or it could be added to a longer therapy session of 60-90 minutes with 30 min. lymphatic drainage. 

Surgeons often recommend that their patients supplement their recovery with lymphatic drainage as early as possible, ideally within the first few day’s post-surgery. The idea behind this recommendation is that lymphatic drainage can help prevent and alleviate the build-up of fluid and formation of scar tissue.


Assisted Stretching

Assisted Stretching Therapy is a technique in which the Massage Therapist stretches the client while sitting or lying on a massage table, either before, during or after a massage session. Assisted stretching therapy can aid with muscle elongation, muscular performance, range of motion, postural realignment, joint and muscle pain reduction, and overall body awareness.


Myofascial Cupping

Myofascial cupping can help minimize fascial adhesions, decrease the incidence of injury, and maintain functional muscle tissue. 

This therapy will be added to your therapy if requested and once approved during your consult. 












IASTM is a manual therapy approach to musculoskeletal injuries using tools. IASTM tools can be used to address fascial restrictions as well as areas of the body that exhibit soft tissue fibrosis, chronic inflammation or degeneration. As a rehab tool, IASTM reduces pain and increases range of motion. 

One of the ways IASTM tools work is by causing stimulation to an area of work, which initiates a local inflammatory response. The controlled microtrauma facilitates the body’s healing.



Chromotherapy is commonly known as light therapy. It makes use of the wavelengths of each light. Color therapy is based on the idea that certain frequencies of the color spectrum correspond to frequencies produced by our body. 

It can be selected as a standalone session, as a 30 min. optical light therapy once you have had a previous therapy and one of our therapists has talked to you about the different light colors convenient for you. It can also be added to any longer massage sessions. 

Proponents of color light therapy healing say it can help prepare a client’s body for massage, achieve more profound results and induce deeper levels of relaxation.




Kinesiology Tape

When applied around problematic joints and muscles, taping increases the healing and pain relieving properties gained from other therapy methods.

• Reduce painful inflammation by allowing the removal of cellular waste.

• Reduce pressure on nerve endings by lifting the skin away from pain receptors.

Taping allows the body to repair cell damage caused by injury. This allows muscles to restore or improve strength and proper function.